Multi use USB dataloggers, single use dataloggers and Indicators and Infrared / External probe thermometers

           Temperature Recorder          

         Datalogger  FlashTemp 02      


Small temperature dataloggers, economic range.

It has an integrated USB connection point.

It automatically generates a PDF with a graph and a table with the temporary results in any PC without specific software.


Small temperature and humidity recorder. 

Integrated with a USB connection point.

Automatically it generates a report, in PDF and CVS formats, with the graph and a table with the results of of temperature and humidity.

Multi use USB dataloggers

                  ISO 10 datalogger             


Termógrafo de un solo uso gama económica.

Viene integrado con un punto de conexión USB.
Genera automáticamente un PDF con una gráfica y una tabla con los resultados temporales en cualquier PC sin necesidad de Software específico.

           Electronic ringder label           

          Datalogger  FLASH TEMP 01  


Small temperature dataloggers

It has an integrated USB connection point.

It automatically generates a PDF with a graph and a table with the temporary results in any PC without specific software.

Capable of making up to 6 marks in the measurement range.

Wrapped in an airtight and waterproof plastic (IP67 protection).

Unique serial number of identification.


One use temperature Indicator which detects temperature in real time.

It generates an alarm (flashing of a Led) if the temperature is out of range.

Two types of alarm:

Blue LED: temperature below the range.

Red LED: temperature above the range.

           Single use dataloggers and Indicators

                 AP Flash Reader                


Infrared Thermometer (Celsius or Fahrenheit) measures the temperature of objects between -50ºC and 360ºC without the need to touch the surface.

The temperature gauge is useful for cooking, automotive, HVAC services, among others.

      External probe thermometer     


Thermometer with timer and external probe.

Due to its external probe it is the perfect tool for controlling the internal temperature and the cooking point of different foods: turkey, chicken, veal, pork, lamb, beef and hamburger, as well as fish.

With independent timer function.
To program a limit temperature and notifying by an alarm when the temperature has been exceeded.

It allows to program the desired cooking point: raw, half raw, half done, done and very made

         AP Flash Reader Plus              


It is used to measure temperatures products during delivery in refrigerated or freezer trucks, in pre-cooked food preparation areas, pharmacy logistics operators, etc.

Due to its external probe, greater control of the internal temperature of the products can be guaranteed.
It offers a clear signaling of temperature ranges that imply potential risks.



The dual mode Infrared thermometer Sun-100 may result in two modes, stable measurement without interference from ambient temperature.
The product will be self-tested each time it is started to ensure normal operation and accuracy.
Sun-100 can be used to read Children body temperature through the ear and forehead that is suitable for adults and children (hearing test only for children over 3 months).

Infrared / External probe thermometers